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Cambodia: Professional integration for young people

Economic, social  development & support

Cambodia: Professional integration for young people

Objective: Ensure the professional integration of underprivileged young Cambodians in Phnom Penh.

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Cambodia

In Phnom Penh, this project will consist in improving the living conditions of  93 students (including a majority of girls) by renovating their shelter, used for habitation and education. The children come from orphanages from around the country.

The shelter will get new roof, solar panels for energy supply, and a sports field. The aim is to provide them with a safe and healthy environment for them to learn skills for future employment.


Partner: Enfants d'Asie

Sponsor: Chris Howe Legal Counsel in Singapore

  • Promoter

    Thibault le Mesnil - Project Sourcing Manager in Singapore

  • Duration

    22 months