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Brazil: Virtual Reality for inclusion

Access to mobility

Brazil: Virtual Reality for inclusion

  • Status


  • Location Sao Paulo

The project takes an innovative approach addressing the challenges & barriers (Directions, physical accessibility, safety instructions) faced by disabled individuals through a virtual environment that simulates the reality they experience. They can train & develop specific skills related to urban mobility to better prepare them for the job market through:

1/ Route & instruction training with different scenarii (Public transport routes to practice & gain confidence)

2/ Simulation of accessible public spaces (Sidewalks & buildings adapted to special needs)

3/ Visual instructions (Clearer & easier to understand)

4/ Virtual Reality (VR) training to deal with prejudice & discrimination

5/ Communication tools (Visual & auditory resources to communicate with others)

6/ Mobility simulators to practice mobility skills & build confidence in ability to move around in public spaces.

Partner NGO: Instituto Jo Clemente

  • Promoter

    Vinicius Riqueto - Communication Coordinator, Sao Paulo

  • Initiate date • Duration

    15.09.2023 • 11 months