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Brazil: Sustainable development in Pratigi

Economic, social  development & support

Brazil: Sustainable development in Pratigi

Objective: Restore the social and environmental equilibrium in the municipality of Nilo Pecanha

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Brazil

Focus on agro-tourism and vocational training in order to restore the social and environmental equilibrium in the Bahia state. 

Pratigi is one of the 11 zones under the Environmental Protection Areas of Bahia. It aims to avoid disorderly tourist exploitation of valuable remnants from the Atlantic Forest, fight deforestation and extraction endangering the environmental balance. In spite of its present stage of preservation, poverty and inequality threatens the environmental, social and economic equilibrium of Pratigi. Therefore, an Integrated Sustainable Development programme (DIS) was implemented to develop agriculture practices and agro-ecotourism generating additional earnings for many families and communities. 

As part of the programme, vocational training takes place to spread awareness amongst people to act responsively towards their environment to preserve biological and cultural diversity such as:

  1. Reading circles - Fernand Braudel Institute staff introduced subjects such as tourism, hospitality and citizenship. They were organised to develop a sense of identity and belonging. 
  2. Playfulness workshops in teaching methodology - Explain to educators how to use recycled materials to practice and interact with playful games such as art workshops of puppets, toys, drama and painting. It shows how to use these available resources and reduce the environmental impact they can generate. 
  3. Conservation of sea turtles - Explain to key local population (seafood restaurant owners, fishermen, teachers, children and teens) the life cycles of the turtles, their importance for the ecosystem and the ways of preservation and management in case of incident on local beaches. Activities also took place such as nest verification in process of incubation, together with beach cleaning and the first nest opening generating 120 hatchlings of hawksbill sea turtles! 
  4. Eco-ethnic Tour Itineraty in the municipality of Nila Peçcanha. 

Also, professional formations for youngsters and workshops in digital technologies are conducted to improve their literacy level. 

Other actions focused on historical and cultural record of local heritage in the different communities were led. More workshops and vocational trainings are planned ahead in other communities. 


Odebrecht Foundation 

Odebrecht Foundation is a private, non-profit organisation maintained by Odebrecht Organization. Since 2003, focus its efforts in Southern Bahia Lowlands. The mission is educate the young for life, through work, for values and for limits. 

IDES Foundation 

The Institute for Sustainable Development of the Southern Bahia Lowlands (IDES) is a nonprofit organization established in August 1997 as a result of the partnership between local businesses, non-governmental organizations and foundations, such as the Odebrecht Foundation. The bases of IDES are focused on the ability to generate jobs and income without compromising natural resources

Sponsor: Marcos Costa



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    Juliana Souza