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Brazil: Building a future for 100 youth in São Paulo

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Brazil: Building a future for 100 youth in São Paulo

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Since 2017, Arca de Noe has led a professional training centre for young people over 15 years old. Arca believes that education is the path to a better future. This is the reason why the centre provides free quality courses, recognised by Brazilian certifying body (SENAI) in the food area, logistics, sales and self-entrepreneurship. It also includes complementary modules such as behavioral orientation, IT, English classes and mentoring for apprentices.

The Covid-19 pandemic has deeply impacted the favela inhabitants' revenues. A local survey estimates that 87% of the families have experienced a drastic income reduction due to job loss. More than ever, Arca is aware that providing free professional courses can help young people and adults to recover rapidly from the economic impact of the pandemic.

As they face an increasing demand on their waiting list, Arca wants to fund free, quality courses for 100 additional students, getting them back on the learning path and moving towards career opportunities. To be able to welcome more students, they need to build new facilities on a neighbouring plot that Arca de Noe has already bought.

Therefore, the project's proposal is to fund a part of the construction and layout of this building
extension and to finance a part of the new training programmes. Arca will also take this opportunity to completely reshape and modernise their sewing workshop. By refitting and buying new industrial sewing machines, Arca will be able to train 1 or 2 new seamstresses from the favela and increase its annual production to provide more funding to the NGO in the coming years.

NGO Partner: Associaçao Arca de Noe de Apoio Social / SENAI

Photos Copyright: Associação Arca de Noé de Apoio Social

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    Ana Caiasso - Communication Director, LAM Region

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    21.10.2021 • 9 months