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Brazil: Atlantic Forest Reforestation

Environmental protection

Brazil: Atlantic Forest Reforestation

Objective: Reconnect the Brazilian Atlantic Forest fragment

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Rio de Janeiro (Casimiro de Abreu)

After four years of focusing on the preservation of Brazil's ecosystem, it's time to organise the maintenance of the Atlantic forest. 

The Atlantic Forest ranks as the 34th of the earth's biodiversity hotspots, thanks to its remarkably high numbers of endemic plants and vertebrate species. However, the loss of forest cover and ecosystem services, in addition to climate change, threaten the human population and their livelihood. 

Since 2009 the Alstom Foundation has been involved with this project. It helped restore 240 hectares in two very critical sites, enhanced the networking of seed collectors and nurseries covering almost 1,000 hectares in key areas of Atlantic Forest Central Corridor. And more than 100 people from 11 communities were trained and involved in the restoration maintenance effort. 

Afterwards, the project also focused on the sustainability of these results, providing funds for the site's maintenance and consolidating the Pact for Atlantic forest restoration (120 NGOs taking care of forest restoration) due to a common database. 

Partner: Conservaçao Internacional Brasil fights to prevent climate change and protect the rich Brazilian environment and ecosystem. It deals with climate change, water, food and health security together with biodiversity and cultural preservation. 

Sponsor: Philippe Deleur

  • Promoter

    Valeria Pinto