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Bhutan: Eco-stoves for a rural community

Economic, social  development & support

Bhutan: Eco-stoves for a rural community

Objective: The introduction of efficient and low-emission cooking stoves to the local community to reduce environmental pollution and related health effects.

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Bhutan

To buy and distribute eco-stoves for rural communities in the central district of Dagana. 

Bhutan lies in the Eastern Himalayas and the Royal Government considers electrification as a priority to reduce poverty and enhance sustainable development.  

The locals' consumption of wood and other biomass for cooking and heating can be reduced thanks to the stoves, stopping in-house pollution and the degradation to the forests. 


Tarayana Foundation 

The Foundation works towards building a happy and prosperous Bhutan. It was established in 2003 and focuses on helping remote communities lacking in socio-economic development. The foundation thrives to develop volunteerism amongst the Bhutanese youth, together with improving access to health services and childrens right to education, and fostering micro finance.

Sponsor : Norbert Fürnkranz

  • Promoter

    Daniel Tappeiner

  • Duration

    1 year