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Bangladesh: Bamboo boats

Economic, social  development & support

Bangladesh: Bamboo boats

Creation of a composite to build better boats and reduce deforestation

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Bangladesh

Creation of a composite to build better boats and reduce deforestation 

The Bangladesh's fleet which comprises nearly a million unites has one of the largest numer of vessels in the world. But the use of poor quality wood makes many boats fragile and dangerous. The new boats made in fiber-glass are too expensive for the population. So, the project proposed by the NGO Watever is to provide a new bamboo based composite material to the shipbuilding industry which will use the know-how of local traditional marine carpenters.

The project will benefit from research facility provided by specialised marine architects in France, a shipyard Taratari in Bangladesh for the experimentation and a local factory operated by AK Khan Group specialized in bamboo parquet. The objective is to design a robust boat prototype inspired by the commonly used traditional boats in Bangladesh. The contract between Watever and Alstom Foundation was signed on the end of September 2014 and research on the most appropriate bamboo for the composite has been launched.


Watever, French NGO

Tara Tari, Bangladeshi social business (shipyard)

Sponsor: Philippe Veyrunes

  • Promoter

    Kausik Ray

  • Duration

    6 months