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Argentina: Rainfall harvesting and solar energy

Access to energy and water

Argentina: Rainfall harvesting and solar energy

Objective : Secure water access and sustainable energy generation for 4 schools and 2 communities.

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Rivadavia, Province of Salta
  • Make provision of rainwater harvesting systems/tanks/solarenergy systems for 4 schools and 2 communities;
  • 15-20 families with around 400 people will be overall beneficiaries;
  • Installation of sewer and drainage systems on ceilings and adaptation of roofs for rainwater harvesting;
  • 5 sets of solar energy systems will be put into operation in selected schools and families
  • Some of the electricity produced will be used to raise water from existent wells thereby avoiding the use of fossil-fuelled engines.


Partner: Fundacions Escolares/Gran Chaco

Sponsor: M. Sandjian (Alstom HR)

Promoter: E. Garberoglio (Alstom Argentina MD)



  • Duration

    11 months