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Algeria: Renovation of Draria SOS Childrens Village

Economic, social  development & support

Algeria: Renovation of Draria SOS Childrens Village

Objective: Renovation of buildings providing homes to 142 children deprived of their biological families.

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Algiers, Algeria

The NGO SOS Childrens Villages initially began its work in Draria, just south of Algiers, in 1981. In recent years, it expanded family strengthening programmes in the region so as to reach as many struggling families as possible. The aim is to alleviate hardship and maintain family stability so that children will be safe and protected and grow up in a loving home. There are SOS Social Centres in Draria, Corso, Naciria, Tipaza, and Tizi Ouzou, reaching over 1,500 people.

The premises of SOS Childrens Village in Draria urgently need renovating in order to provide a safe and comfortable home to the 142 children leaving there.


Partner NGO: SOS Village dEnfants, Algeria

Sponsor: H. Bussery  MD Algeria

  • Promoter

    N. Fraoucene Project Mgr. Algiers Tram

  • Duration

    1 year